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Claudia Guillaume

Claudia Guillaume

Qualifications: Food Scientist, Olive Oil Specialist, Approved Chemist of the AOCS

About: Claudia came to Australia in 2006 to head up Modern Olives Laboratory. She has had over 15 years’ experience in olive oil testing. She finished her studies in Argentina as Food Scientist and olive oil specialist. After working for several years in the area of quality, authenticity and sensory testing in a commercial food laboratory, Claudia completed a Post Graduate Course in the Fats & Oils Institute in Seville, Spain; where extensive experience in olive oil analysis was gained.  Claudia is an approved chemist of the AOCS, participate as technical members for the Australian Standard for Olive Oil (AS 5264-2011) committee and is a NATA technical assessor. She has extensive experience in sensory evaluation of olive oil carrying out many training and judging in this matter. Claudia has been invited to many national and international conferences as speaker and she has published numerous scientific papers in national and international journals.

Research/Areas of Interest: Olive Oil Sensory Analysis, Olive Oil Chemistry