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Tassos C. Kyriakides

Tassos C. Kyriakides

Qualifications: PhD Yale University

About: Dr. Kyriakides, biostatistician/epidemiologist, provides methodological and statistical consulting in the design, execution and analysis of multiple collaboratory clinical research projects. He is a statistical reviewer for high-impact medical journals (Lancet Infectious Diseases, Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Public Health and American Journal of Public Health) and has served as an abstract mentor for young researchers at the International AIDS Conferences since 2012. In addition, he leads the internship program at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Cooperative Studies Program (VACSPCC-West Haven) where he has been appointed Director. As a Senior Biostatistician he has worked on pivotal clinical trials (The OPTIMA Trial, a multi-national HIV/AIDS treatment clinical trial; a surgical clinical trial (The OVER Trial); and a PTSD clinical trial (The VIP-STAR Trial).

Research/Areas of Interest: Even though his primary research focus is in the area of infectious diseases with particular emphasis on HIV/AIDS and its treatment, he has an interest in the history of medicine, social determinants of health and the socio-cultural dimension of the benefits of Greek/Mediterranean nutrition. He is a certified Olive Oil Sommelier (International Culinary Center and the Olive Oil Education Lab in New York) and leads the efforts to establish the Yale Olive Institute.


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