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Michael Kingsley

Michael Kingsley

Qualifications: Lead academic for the discipline of Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology at La Trobe University.

About: Michael has held academic positions for over 20 years in the United Kingdom and Australia. As an Accredited Sport & Exercise Scientist and Chartered Scientist from 2006 to 2016, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine his academic skills and experience have been broadly recognised.

In addition to his passion for sports nutrition and high-performance sport, Michael has extensive experience in exercise testing and prescription for participants with pre-existing conditions, including cardiac disease, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, renal disease and transplant recipients. Michael serves as an editorial board member of three international journals ‘Nutrition’, ‘Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity’ and ‘Research Quarterly in Exercise and Sport’ and he reviews regularly for various national and international funding agencies.

As an expert in the measurement and evaluation of cardiovascular responses to stress and oxidative stress, his research in the areas of lifestyle interventions and health, heart rate variability analysis, applied nutritional supplementation has culminated in the publishing more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in leading international medical, nutrition and sports medicine journals. His research group strives to understand the mechanisms responsible for disease and disorders and to develop evidence-based interventions for patients with a range of chronic disease (e.g., cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease) and elite performers with the aim to enable more people to be more active and to live longer and stronger.

Research/Areas of Interest: Sport’s Nutrition, High-Performance Sport


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