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Peter McFarlane

Peter McFarlane

Qualifications: BAgrSc.(Hons) University of Melbourne,  DipEd, LaTrobe University

About:Peter McFarlane is currently a  Director and Company Secretary of Australian Food Integrity Certification Services Pty Ltd trading as au-thentic services, a market development, B2B and B2C export facilitation, quality-provenance-authenticity certification company.

Peter has responsibility for risk management, product quality, provenance & authenticity certification, information and technology transfer, and research and development project management, his current roles include:

Au-thentic Export and OliveCare® Code Administrator
AOA Agri-Chemicals Committee Co-ordinator
AOA Biosecurity Representative
AOA National Table Olive Committee Convenor
AOA Tastebook™ Co-ordinator
Strategic consultant to the Australian Olive Association Ltd

Peter has over 25 years of experience servicing government agencies, national, state and regional industry associations and business entities in the olive, citrus, mango, stone fruit, herb & spice, potato, dried fruits and other agricultural industries.

Research/Areas of Interest: Olive production best practice extension & training, olive product testing and certification

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