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Including extra virgin olive oil may more improve glycemic control despite similar weight loss compared to the diet recommended by the Prostate Cancer Foundation: a randomized, pilot study

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Extra virgin olive oil up-regulates CB 1 tumor suppressor gene in human colon cancer cells and in rat colon via epigenetic mechanisms

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Chemopreventive properties of pinoresinol-rich olive oil involve a selective activation of the ATM–p53 cascade in colon cancer cell lines

Apigenin: a promising molecule for cancer prevention

Potential of olive oil phenols as chemopreventive and therapeutic agents against cancer: a review of in vitro studies

In vitro effects of extracts of extra virgin olive oil on human colon cancer cell

Extra virgin olive oil potentiates the effects of aromatase inhibitors via glutathione depletion in estrogen receptor-positive human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells