The Olive Wellness Institute is a science repository on the nutrition,
health and wellness benefits of olives and olive products, which is
all subject to extensive peer review.

Announcing the 2021 Olive Wellness Institute Grant

Announcing the 2021 Olive Wellness Institute Grant

The Olive Wellness Institute began in 2018 with the aim to increase awareness of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other olive tree products by gathering, sharing, and promoting expert, credible and evidence-based information on their nutrition, health and wellness benefits.

The Olive Wellness Institute understands the hard work and dedication from students, researchers, academics, and scientists around the world. This research grant is an opportunity to fund research focused on improving the knowledge, education and or information related to olive science.

The successful applicant will receive $14,000AUD towards their research project.

1. Submit a completed grant application form to: by 7th January 2022.
2. The Olive Wellness Institute Advisory Panel will select and announce the awardee by 28th January 2022.

The Grant Application form can be found here.

For any questions, please email