Florencia de Alzaa is a chemical engineer who is a team member of the Modern Olives Laboratory in Melbourne, Australia.

Modern Olives is a leading provider of technical services to the olive industry with three core business areas.

This short video provides a short introduction to Florencia, her career and some of the reasons she is so passionate about the olive.

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Ad libitum Mediterranean diet reduces subcutaneous but not visceral fat in patients with coronary heart disease: A randomised controlled pilot study.

Article citation: Mayr, H. L., Itsiopoulos, C., Tierney, A. C., Kucianski, T., Radcliffe,…


Aromadendrine, a new component of...

Article citation: Venditti, A., Serrilli, A. M., Rizza, L., Frasca, G., Cardile, V.,…

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