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It’s all about the Polyphenols, Olive

It’s all about the Polyphenols, Olive

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Hello and welcome to the Penultimate episode and final conversation, for season two of:

‘It’s all about the oil, Olive.’

Our conversation this week is with

Dr. Simon Poole

Simon is a Physician, Fellow of the British Medical Association, Author of the book ‘ The Olive Oil Diet’ and Advisory Board Member to the Olive Wellness Institute.

In this conversation, Simon explains the key scientific detail, in an understandable and ‘usable’ way. Providing us with a better understanding of Free Fatty Acids, PolyphenolsAntioxidants and Free Radicals, and what the science means to the olive fruit grower, the olive oil producer and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil consumer.

I hope you enjoy this conversation.

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