Amongst the midst of the Australian Olive Harvest, in May 2018 a group of healthcare professionals, academics and researchers met to discuss the benefits of the Olive Wellness Institute, and the need for such a resource.

Nestled amongst the olive groves, we discussed all matters related to olive health, nutrition and wellness, and detailed the key aspects of the website that add true value to the global scientific community.

Features include:

  • A world-first online science repository on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olive products.
  • Regularly updated news and articles relating to olive nutrition, health and wellness, from experts in the field.
  • An easily searchable and comprehensive olive science database containing downloadable published literature featuring prominent research findings involving all aspects of olive nutrition, health and wellness.
  • An expert library listing designed to facilitate queries and research collaboration.
  • A free olive health and wellness e-book (upon subscribing), containing comprehensive information about the history and science of olive products.

About the Olive Wellness InstituteTM
The Olive Wellness Institute is a world-first online science repository on the nutrition, health and wellness benefits of olive products. Through the gathering, sharing and promotion of credible, evidence-based information, the Olive Wellness Institute aims to increase
awareness of the extraordinary and unique benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and other olive products.

All information on the OWI website is developed by leading scientists, researchers and health professionals with extensive expertise in olive products and their use. Committed to only publishing scientifically rigorous, evidence-based information, the Olive Wellness Institute ensures all content is subject to extensive peer review.
The Olive Wellness Institute is guided by an advisory panel comprising internationally renowned professors, doctors, dietitians, nutritionists and researchers specialising in olive science, products and the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. The panel provides the Olive Wellness Institute with insights and guidance, ensuring the highest levels of scientific rigour.

Take a quick look at the highlights from our day in the groves

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