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LISTEN: Olive Leaf Extract Immune Potential Webinar

LISTEN: Olive Leaf Extract Immune Potential Webinar

Listen to our recorded webinar series discussing the evidence associated with the use of Olive Leaf Extract for Immunity with Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson – a Naturopath and qualified Nutritionist with a Masters of Health Science in Human Nutrition with over 20 years’ experience.




Teresa will dissect the current evidence surrounding Olive Leaf Extract and discuss what is known about using this herbal medicine for immunity.



Learning objectives:

  • Understand empirical use of OLE
  • Detail the current evidence that exists relating to olive leaf extract and immunity
  • Discuss the potential mechanistic actions that confer immunity
  • Understand secondary supportive immune factors of OLE
  • Understand the strengths and limitations of current existing research in this area
  • Understand how the current evidence can be applied to clinical practice
  • Explain areas where further research is warranted for this topic