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Fat Profile

The primary fatty acid found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is oleic acid (C18:1) – a mono-unsaturated fatty acid. Oleic acid has only one double bond in its chemical structure, making is less susceptible to oxidation – this contributes to the high stability of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.1,2

Evidence also exists to demonstrate that the oleic acid content of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has associated health benefits:3

  • Oleic acid has been identified as an essential element in the prevention of ischaemic cardiovascular disease.
  • There is specific evidence that diets which are rich in oleic acid (and linoleic acid) can reduce thromboembolic risk, by reducing platelet aggregation.

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Figure: Extra Virgin Olive Oil composition
Figure: Triglycerides in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Oleic acid)
Figure: Fat profiles of common oils – how they compare


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