Join us for an informative webinar on Olive Leaf Extract, a natural product that contains a wide range of bio-active compounds.

This webinar, from the Olive Wellness Institute, will provide and overview of the clinical uses of Olive Leaf Extract, a current evidence summary, practice considerations and patient counselling tips.



– What is Olive Leaf Extract
– What phytochemicals/biophenols it contains
– Common uses
– Evidence summary
– How to take/use/recommend
– Cautions/ contraindications
– Drug-herb, herb-herb, herb-nutrient interactions
– Patient counselling


Presenting this webinar is Ian Breakspear, clinical herbalist and naturopath, educator and author with over 20 years experience, who will provide an evidence based and practical presentation with essential clinical tips for all healthcare practitioners.



Please access the Pharmacists CPD ASSESSMENT and EVALUATION though these links.

Please send a confirmation email to info@olivewellnessinstitute.org once you have completed the assessment and evaluation and a certificate will be forwarded to you.



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