The Olive Wellness Institute is dedicated to developing and sharing evidence-based information and resources for the benefit of our community.

Depending on your area of interest, or expertise, we have grouped our resources into bundles to make them more easily accessible.




Looking for webinars based olive science health and wellness content?

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General Resources

These resources are useful for anyone with an interest in olive science, health and wellness.

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Growers & Processors

Our dedicated grower and processor resources provide excellent tools for use at local farmer’s markets or events.

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Healthcare Professionals

These resources will enable healthcare professionals to share high quality, evidence-based information with peers and patients.

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Academics & Lecturers

If you are looking for information, presentations and resources for students, this section contains a wealth of information.

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Teacher & kids Resources

Are you a parent, teacher, carer or educator? Here we have compiled some fun and interactive resources for teachers and children. These resources aim to simplify content and make cooking and learning about ingredients fun and inspiring.

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Here we have collated a range of recipes featuring Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These recipes showcase the versatility of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in savory and sweet cooking, using techniques such as oven baking, sautéing, shallow and deep frying.

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Chef and Cooking Educator Resources

Are you a chef, home economics teacher, culinary educator or budding home cook? The amazing Zoe Bingley-Pullin has developed some delicious recipes showcasing the versatility of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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